Sex in Marriage by Marjan Bazalac
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to take your married sex life to the next level.
It is usually the beginning moments of a relationship that contain all the spark and excitement. At least this is what most people say it is like. The whole idea of experiencing something foreign and refreshing with someone new adds an extra dimension to the whole prospect of being in a particular relationship. What people don't realize is that you can still have that drive even years into the relationship. Many people are so used to having sexual experiences with different people every now and then, that the whole idea of marriage puts this aspect to an all time low. Marriage sort of brings out the cruelty of monogamy. Oh God. You cannot be with someone else your entire life? What if this whole thing gets so boring? Yes, the idea of sexual contact with one person your entire life may seem boring at once and it does for people but it really doesn't have to be like this.
Sex in Marriage by Marjan Bazalac
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